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2.2KW 220V CNC Spindle Motor Kit 4 Bearings Air-cooled 18000rpm ER25 AC Spindle Motor + 2.2KW VFD Inverter One Year Warranty

2.2KW 220V CNC Spindle Motor Kit 4 Bearings Air-cooled 18000rpm ER25 AC Spindle Motor + 2.2KW VFD Inverter One Year Warranty

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2.2 KW Air-cooled Square Spindle Motor 18000rpm 220 V 10 A 300 Hz ER25 GDZ93x82-2.2 & 2.2kw VFD Inverter for CNC Wooworking
GDZ93x82-2.2(220 V)& FC300-2.2 G-T2
Package Content :
1 *2.2 KW Spindle Motor
1* 2.2 KW VFD Variable Frequency Drive
Spindle Motor Specification :
Providing the default Nut ER25 and Collet 6mm, if not please do contact us for a better solution.
Product type
Square High-Speed Motorized Spindle Motor for Woodworking
Speed (r/min)
Power (KW)
2.2 KW
220 V
10 A
Frequency (Hz)
300 HZ
ER25 6mm ( default)
Cooling type
2x7007 P4 ; 2x7002c P4
Changsheng(Made in China)
VFD Specification :
Model FC300-2.2 G-T2
Power (KW)
2.2 KW
Input Voltage(V)
Input 1ph 220 V 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage(V)
Output 3ph 0~220 V
Output Current(A)
11 A
Output Frequency (Hz)
0~1000 Hz
Origin& Warranty
China & One year
Actual Product Photos
Kindly note : Setting the inverter must firstly set up the basal frequency, its basal frequency is based on the highest frequency of motorized spindle motor, if not setting the basal frequency (the factory setting is 50 Hz),the motorized spindle motor would burn out once start running; the highest frequency, break frequency and the corresponding voltage also should be set according to the curve on the operating instruction; setting the current of the inverters is also based on the rated current of motorized spindle motor; the overcurrent is 120% of rated current; overload tripping is 100% , time is 5s; carrier frequency is set by the power of spindle motor,8k Hz for less than 10 KW motorized spindle motor, 5k Hz is for more than 10 KW spindle motor; the acceleration time and deceleration time are 10s and 20s respectively, if starting current exceed the rated current and need protection, it should extend the acceleration time. I/O lack-phase protection also should be set above the function of protecting inverters and motorized spindle motors. Connecting the inverter and the three-phase power of spindle motor, solder the inverter three-phase power cord on the plug 1(U1),2(V1),3(W1), plug 4 is ground wire. Then the inverter is connected with the external power supply and start work, then to check whether the rotation direction of spindle motor is consistent with its indication direction, if inconsistent, immediately shut down and change two wire on the three-phase power supply of connecting inverter and motorized spindle motor. The motorized spindle motor is prohibited running in the wrong rotation direction. Power lines should be taken waterproof and shielding measures. The connection between motorized spindle motor and inverter should not exceed 25m.When the power cord of the water-cooled spindle motor connects the terminal block, it must be bent into U shape and fixed on the bottom of the terminal block and then connect, so that can protect the condensed water of the power cord into the terminal block. Another, use shielding power lines to prevent its interference to inverter.
2. Laypeople please don't buy directly. If products are damage because of improper use or purchasing wrong products without communication with us in advance, any return or replace isn't available. Hope you understand. Thank you.
Shipping Policy
1. Item will be shipped out within 2-5 working days by DHL, Fed Ex, UPS, EMS and other shipping method you choose ASAP. We will choose the best and most suitable shipping company. Usually it takes 7-12 days to arrive most of the countries. You will be notified the tracking number once order shipped out.

Glavne značilnosti

Številka Modela:
GDZ93x82-2.2(220V)+FC300-2.2 G-T2
Hitrost Delovanja:
Maximum Torque:
1.21 Nm
Blagovna Znamka:
Hlajenje tip:
Zračno hlajeni
spindle motor:
2.2 kw

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